Our Goals

The mission of AIRRS is to provide its clients with the highest quality product, at the best price, and as expeditiously as possible. In order to achieve this mission, AIRRS must operate from a solid foundation of corporate beliefs. Its employees must share in a corporate philosophy that emphasizes individual respect, quality service, cost efficiency, productivity, and team effort
AIRRS has eight primary goals:

  • To produce high quality projects at the lowest cost in the shortest time period
  • To recognize the obligation to our clients of providing them with quality projects
  • To serve our client efficiently and effectively
  • To provide intelligent, resourceful and capable management
  • To continuously review and improve our schedules and our procedures
  • To promote a maximum degree of satisfaction on part of our employees in their assigned tasks by providing an atmosphere where all have an opportunity to excel
  • To provide team, leadership and build working relationship with client, engineers, designers, subcontractors, and developers
  • To recognize the importance of our subcontractors and vendors for the success of our organization